Every student thinks they are going home with the best dog, and none of them are wrong.

Meet Some of Our Superstar Students  
We are passionate about having fun with our dogs and our students and their human handlers always have tons of fun together.
Here's a few of their stories!


"We can't thank you enough for the past couple years with not only training Rocky, but Alan and I as well. You always have gone above and beyond what's expected with training. We both learned that it's not only the dog, but us as well that need it. Thanks for making us better handlers on and off the dock. We're very grateful to not only have you as our trainer, but a true friend as well. Can't wait to see what the season hold for us!" - Alicia Christensen


We feel very privileged that Heather has shared her passion and knowledge of dock diving with us through classes and private lessons. Her experience has not only allowed our dog, Blue, to excel as an athlete, but made us better handlers. Being able to work with your dog is just an important as getting the dog to jump off of the dock. Without Heather’s expertise, Blue would not be where she is today, competing against the “Big Dogs.”

torque & hooptie

As a newbie to dock diving I had absolutely no clue what I was doing. I had naturally athletic dogs but no idea how to throw for them or what to even look for when teaching them the game. Working with Heather has been so awesome! She is so involved with my dogs. Able to explain what I need to do and how they each require completely different handling. Not only have we improved and accomplished goals beyond my dreams but we’ve had so much fun doing it!!! I always look forward to the next breakthrough moment with Heather and how many laughs we have working together. -Maria LaCombe


Heather has played an important role in my dogs’ achievements in the world of dock diving. She has always been supportive and comes up with innovative ways to teach the skills necessary for success. Within the last year, Heather has helped Bella learn the game of Fetch-It. She was patient with Bella and myself and took the time to teach Bella the game. Even when I was about to throw in the towel, she had faith that Bella would be able to be competitive in the game. She wasn’t wrong! Heather treats each and every dog as if they are her own. She wants to share her passion of the sport with others so they can have fun with their dogs! Thanks for all that you do Heather! -Carol Crum


One summer day, a group of us decided to take our dogs to the lake. When someone threw a ball in the water, Henry my 17# Poodle Bichon mix, took off and jumped in! He swam after that ball and brought it back begging for more. I knew someone whose dog participated in dock diving and they suggested I go and see Heather. I made an appointment but when we showed up for dock lessons, Henry was nervous. Jumping off the dock is a big deal to a dog so small! I remember Heather lying down on the ramp next to him. Her encouragement and guidance,“He has to do it on his own, that builds his confidence!”Henry was always a nervous little guy, but not anymore! Henry now competes in dock diving and jumps with the big dogs.


I want to thank you for all your hard work and patience! Luna was very nervous at first but you had such a special way of teaching us both confidence. I could not be happier that Luna has finally trusted you and is jumping! We are having so much fun Dock diving together! – Tammy Terzano

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During Michigan's warm weather months, Heather can primarily be found at the the Disc Dogs of Michigan pool in Davison, MI.  Group classes are offered many days of the week along with private lessons and day long seminars - all suited to the beginner all the way through to expert.


If you are interested in seminars or lessons at your facility, please reach out - travel is always an option!

Heather Lyons


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