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ZingZing K9 Water Sports?

Want to find out if that new rescue dog or foster is a water lover? How about some help teaching that puppy to swim for the first time? Maybe you have a K9 athlete who could be the next high flying diving dog?  Dogs and handlers of all ages come to ZingZing to learn how!  

Years of experience with dogs of all shapes, sizes, breeds and personalities has made us one of the premier resources for dogs and water in the country.  We have taught and competed in 20 different states with multiple organizations at countless facilities. In addition to teaching your dog to dock dive, we can help navigate the various organizations and all the fun games they play including: Air Retrieve / Fetch It, Speed Retrieve/Dueling Dogs and other water games.

Our mission at ZingZing K9 Watersports is to help dogs and their people achieve the maximum amount of water fun possible! We believe in an engaged, team work approach to water sports and can help you set the building blocks needed for you and your canine friend to have years of fun and success on the competition dock, at the lake dock or playing by the pool!


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Dock Jumpers class covers a wide range of experience levels. Some dogs are Huggers graduates looking to get things rocking, some have been jumping for years and want to h...
Dock Jumper Classes
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